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Centenary Gala: Turangalîla Symphony

Sunday 13 April 2025


Brighton Dome Concert Hall

Tickets: £38 / £33 / £27 /£19 / £13 / £1 child or teen / other concessions at 50% saving available

Our final concert in Brighton Philharmonic’s centenary season is Messiaen’s mind-blowing Turangalîla Symphony, music on a cosmic scale.

A colossal orchestra, a vintage electronic instrument straight out of Hollywood sci-fi, an unstoppable pianist…..only some of the features of Messiaen’s astounding Turangalîla Symphony, and Brighton Philharmonic’s one hundredth birthday party. Imagine a starburst galaxy mixed with birdsong, sumptuous love music infused by gamelan, and you’re halfway to the incredible fireworks of this masterwork: pure passion on a cosmic scale.

Brighton Philharmonic’s Music Director Joanna MacGregor handles the titanic piano role, partnered by one of Messiaen’s greatest-living interpreters, the ondes martenot player Cynthia Millar. In the driving seat of this massive body of sound, the wonderful British conductor Sian Edwards, for an unmissable finale to this special season.

Join us for an incredible experience and become part of the BPO family!


‘Two Sanskrit words: ‘līlā’ means the divine play of life, and ‘turaņga’ the galloping horse of time.

I want the joy in Turangalîla to be superhuman, overflowing, blinding, unlimited. ‘

Olivier Messiaen

Centenary Gala: Turangalîla Symphony


Turangalîla Symphony

Sian Edwards


Joanna MacGregor


Cynthia Millar

ondes martenot

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