The Brighton Phil’s new Mission Statement

Over the past few months the BPO Board has been thinking hard about the direction the Society should take in order for it to thrive in a time when financial resources are increasingly scarce, as Trustee Chris Thomson explains below:

“Thanks largely to our Chair Nicolas Chisholm’s initiative we’ve been making good progress in reaching out to schools, inviting children to enjoy watching the orchestra rehearse and encouraging potential sponsors to support our concerts.

This has provided the impetus for the Board to review the Society’s Mission Statement and ensure it is fit for purpose. We’ve recently agreed a new wording (see below) and we’d very much welcome hearing your views on it.

We’ve tried to identify the two things which we think your Board should be concentrating on. The first of these – no surprises – is to continue to provide really great performances of a range of orchestral music. We certainly won’t be able to thrive in future if we overlook the quality of the content and the quality of performance of our concert programmes!

The second topic builds directly on the lead which Nicolas has given in suggesting that we need to work harder yet at reaching out to potential new audiences and encouraging folk who might otherwise not have done so to come along to BPO concerts.

There is much more to the work we’ve done on the Mission Statement than mere tinkering with words. A sharper sense of purpose will help guide the Board better, providing a constant reminder of what we need to be working on. It will also make it easier to attract sponsorship and other sources of funding because we’ll be able to explain more succinctly and clearly who and what the BPO is.

It’s especially in regard to those who are newcomers to orchestral music that our new Mission Statement may assist us. It is outward-looking and bold in suggesting that we should understand what the BPO does, not simply as organising an annual concert season, but acting as a force for good for everyone in the community.

Great music lifts people’s spirits, gladdens their hearts and lights up their lives. So let’s throw the doors open and, as well as we can, make the joy and inspiration of great orchestral music available to all!”



Our Vision

Enriching the lives of people in Brighton & Hove, and beyond.

Our Mission

The Brighton & Hove Philharmonic Society provides the opportunity for the widest possible audience in the South East to experience and enjoy high quality orchestral music by:

  • delivering varied, innovative, engaging and accessible concert programmes, performed at the very highest level by the professional musicians of the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • putting our belief in the power of music into effect by reaching out to diverse audiences, including those who would not normally listen to orchestral music, and making educational activity a priority.


Friends of the Phil are invited to comment on the new Mission Statement by emailing or writing to Catherine Stead, General Administrator at: catherinestead”@” or 41 George Street, Brighton, BN2 1RJ.

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