Solved: the mystery of Malcolm’s musical gate!

Malcolm Crawley (photographed by Penny Crawley) at Malcolm’s Gate, Birling Gap, 2015

An email recently arrived in the BPO office that solves the mystery of Malcolm’s gate (Friends of the Phil newsletter June 2015) as photographed by BPO volunteer programme sellers Penny and Malcolm Crawley near Birling Gap. See original story here when we asked if anyone knew which Malcolm the gate was named after?:

“I found this posting on the ‘Friends of the Brighton Philharmonic’ website and yes, I am proud to say that I know the identity of the ‘Malcolm’ of the inscription. 

He is my late father-in-law, the Welsh tenor and 50’s EMI recording artist, Malcolm Vaughan who passed away in February 2010. The gate was our family tribute to this extremely talented man.

Malcolm Vaughan

Malcolm and his wife, Gay, made Eastbourne their home in 1999. A collective pastime was walking the South Downs, hence a lovely gate overlooking the sea and used by hundreds of people a year seemed a fitting memorial.” 

Judy Jones-Vaughan

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