Wonderful reviews of Sunday’s concert

Some great reviews are starting to appear for our most recent concert conducted by Natalie Murray-Beale, joined by violinist Thomas Gould.

Writing for Brighton & Hove Independent, Chris Francis praised the concert for continuing to break new ground, saying: ” On Sunday it was also noteworthy in that the conductor and the leader of the BPO were both female, Ruth Rogers stepping into the latter role and looking perfectly at ease. The same could also be said of Murray-Beale, whose neat and somewhat understated style of conducting in no way diminished from her control of the orchestra” and of Gould‘s The Lark Ascending ” his delivery of the piece was truly sublime”

You can read his review in full here: https://www.brightonandhoveindependent.co.uk/whats-on/entertainment/brighton-philharmonic-orchestra-review-brighton-dome-december-1-1-9160442?fbclid=IwAR0IEUk0Mu4qZD6G3YocTrKhGfpcxVIUuUu1FQ4v_2rm43cDPQVxvt48rgo

Another wonderful review of Sunday’s concert, this time by Phil Dennett of Uckfield News, who enjoyed the Haydn symphonies but singled out the Vaughan Williams and Mozart pieces for particular praise writing: “The adagio to Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus was sumptuous without being over-sweet and the orchestra captured the folky soul of the pieces, with some fine harp playing.”

He goes on to say: “Another Vaughan Williams piece, the treasured The Lark Ascending, did exactly what it said on the tin, with soloist Thomas Gould sounding like a force of nature as he took the audience on a serene flight of fancy, helped by some marvellous decoration from strings, woodwinds and horns.”

And “The inclusion of Mozart’s delightful Eine Kleine Nachtmusik was apt, given that he and Haydn were friends and Haydn modestly considered Mozart a superior composer. The ever-popular piece was all it should be, light, charming and elegant with a touch of vitality and the audience loved it.”

Read his review in full here: https://uckfieldnews.com/review-audience-appreciates-brighton-philharmonics-return-to-familiar-territory/

Susan Elkin reviewed for Lark Reviews was most taken with the guest conductor saying “Natalie Murray-Beale is an authoritative conductor whose incisive fluidity of movement is fetchingly charismatic to watch.”

She particularly praised the orchestra’s performance of The Lark Ascending: “The harmonics are the great strength of Lark Ascending and violinist Thomas Gould made them sound effortlessly, mysteriously melodious. The orchestral accompaniment was sensitively managed and the performance felt like a real conversation between soloist and ensemble.”

And of Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik: “Murray-Beale brought out all its joyful elegance. And although it was the best known work on the programme it seemed young and fresh.”

But for her: “Five Variants of ‘Dives and Lazarus’ is one of Vaughan William’s loveliest short works and…BPO’s wistful account of it, with beautiful harp work, was one of the high spots of this concert.”

Read her review in full at: https://www.larkreviews.co.uk/?p=5738

Andrew Connal for The Latest thought the inclusion of Classic FM favourites The Lark and Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik “certainly attracted some excited youngsters into the Dome, an audience for the future, who listened spellbound.” He also praised Thomas Gould who ” played exquisitely…delivering a most tender, soulful climax and that moment of heart-stopping silence, which broke into a well-deserved thunder of applause.”

Read his review in full at: https://thelatest.co.uk/brighton/2019/12/02/brighton-philharmonic-orchestra-thomas-gould-violin-natalie-murray-beale-conductor/

To hear a short (5 minute) but fascinating interview with guest conductor Natalie Murray-Beale immediately after the concert go to: https://www.brightonphil.org.uk/interview-with-natalie-murray-beale/

Natalie Murray-Beale and family at Stage Door, Brighton Dome, Sun 1 December
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