Rave reviews for season opener with Christian Garrick & Friends

We’ve had so many people get in touch since the concert telling us how much they enjoyed it, and reviews are starting to appear which we will add below as and when we receive/find them.

A few examples from concert-goers are printed below, for some of whom this was their first Brighton Phil concert:

“We really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful, eclectic mix of styles which had appeal across the generations.”

“What a great concert that was last Sunday.  Such a refreshing change and yet still within the parameters of the Brighton Philharmonic format.”

“What a breath of fresh air the concert yesterday was. The audience was almost as fizzing as the players who so obviously enjoyed themselves. Those I spoke with afterwards had really enjoyed it.  I have never heard such enthusiastic applause and cheering at a BPO concert either. An elderly couple behind us said as it finished ‘It was fantastic – what a wonderful concert’. One of the stewards told us that he had been speaking with a regular attendee who had expressed his reservations about the concert before the concert and then made a point of telling the steward afterwards that it was the best BPO concert he had ever been to.”

“We had a really great time and CG was brilliant – as were the BP strings. We all said afterwards how much fun the show was and it was a really good blend of music.”

“We did enjoy the concert. It was easy, relaxing listening, and well received. I think it may have brought in some new audience members. I particularly liked the encore.”

“I’ve never before seen our audience clapping their hands above their heads or heard them stamping their feet. Or for that matter, demanding an encore. An eye-opener besides an ear-opener!”

“I wasn’t sure whether l would enjoy the concert because it was slightly out of my comfort zone and l really genuinely loved it as did my friend who is very musical and generally very critical!”

“I thought you might appreciate some feedback from the concert last Sunday, bearing in mind that it was a departure from the usual and I know a number of regulars were unhappy and stayed away.  We went with an open mind but wondering whether as a couple of older audience members we would really enjoy it.  Well we did! We came home almost buzzing.  They were a group of highly professional musicians who communicated their enthusiasm with some exciting music, ably supported by the BPO strings.”

“I absolutely loved the concert today. Christian was a great leader and I saw the audience (albeit a bit smaller than usual) the most engaged I’d seen for a long time. He definitely needs to be invited back!  I saw young new faces and regular older attendees, as well as the string players on stage, all really enjoying themselves throughout the concert, which was so great to see.”

“What a great concert on Sunday! For us an unexpected surprise and treat.”

Tom Sayer reviewed the concert in his blog WhatTomWrites saying: “The Brighton Philharmonic opened up their 2019-2020 season with something a little different today… and it was an absolute triumph!” and on Twitter: “The @BPO_orchestra has shown that it can do something a bit different to attract new and younger audiences, as well as keeping the regular concert-goers happy ”

Read his review in full at: https://www.tomsayer.co.uk/blog/review-christian-garrick-friends-bpo-strings/

Andrew Connal writing for The Latest said: ” Congratulations on a really fizzing opening concert. ” Read his review in full at: https://thelatest.co.uk/brighton/2019/11/10/brighton-philharmonic-orchestra-christian-garrick-friends/

Deirdre Francis reviewed for the Brighton & Hove Independent saying: “The first concert of the current Brighton Philharmonic season at the Dome was something of an innovation, blazing the trail for a new-look series of six concerts that combine the standard orchestral offerings with specific genre presentations.” and “the audience responded with enthusiasm and warmth to the foot-tapping verve and virtuosity of the whole programme.”

You can read her review in full here: https://www.brightonandhoveindependent.co.uk/whats-on/entertainment/brighton-philharmonic-orchestra-with-christian-garrick-and-friends-review-brighton-dome-november-10-1-9149623

Phil Dennett for Uckfield News & the Henfield Hub praised Christian Garrick as ” a warm and personable performer” in a review entitled “Nod to jazz in Brighton Philharmonic’s opening concert”. Read his review in full at: https://uckfieldnews.com/review-nod-to-jazz-in-brighton-philharmonic-opening-concert/

For Susan Elkin of Lark Reviews the highlight of the concert was the Budapest Cafe Orchestra medley: “Rapport and exuberance, lots of shouts of “hey” with accelerandi to ridiculous tempi made it tremendous fun.” Read her review in full at: http://www.larkreviews.co.uk/?p=5672

On Facebook comments included:

And on Twitter:

@JudeCooper1: “Fantastic afternoon @brightdome listening to @c_garrick, his chums and the strings from @BPO_orchestra – what a great folky, tango-y, classic fusion and a brilliant way to get kids excited by music.”

@JackyElliott4:”What a fabulous afternoon! It’s the first time I’ve been to a BPO concert having been tempted by the Piazolla (being a sometimes tango dancer)…….how lovely it all was!……….Thank you so much. What a talented bunch you all are!”

@bowsk: “Fantastic start to the season at @brightdome yesterday.”

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