Our Orchestra

Our conductors

Barry Wordsworth

Conductor Laureate

LocationBrighton, UK

Barry Wordsworth is Principal Guest Conductor of the Royal Ballet, having previously served as the company’s Music Director from 1990

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Our Leaders

John Bradbury

Leader of the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra

John Bradbury, Leader of the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, is a Fellow of the Royal Manchester College of Music where he

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Our Principal Players

Helen Bishop, Principal Bass Clarinet

The position of Principal Bass Clarinet is available for sponsorship

Born in Wales, Helen Bishop has been a clarinettist with Sinfonia Viva since 2001. Helen studied at the Welsh College

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The position of Co-Leader is to be appointed


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Daniel Bhattacharya, Principal Second Violin

The position of Principal Second Violin is sponsored by Brian Chattock

Daniel studied as a scholar at the Purcell School of Music, Royal Northern College of Music and the Royal Conservatory

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The position of Principal Viola is to be appointed

The position of Principal Viola is sponsored by Adam & Sue Trimingham

Peter Adams, Principal Cellist

Principal Cellist

Peter Adams’ career can be truly described as meteoric. When most ‘would be’ musicians are still at school, the sixteen

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Stephen Warner, Principal Double Bass

The position of Principal Double Bass is sponsored by Frances Lindsay-Hills

Stephen Warner graduated from the RAM in 1989 and began his career working on Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s musical, Aspects of Love.

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Christine Messiter, Principal Flute

The position of Principal Flute is sponsored by Jane Wilford

Christine’s musical life began with a 3-keyed wooden piccolo, which she taught herself to play. A flute was the next

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Deborah Davis, Principal Piccolo

The position of principal piccolo is sponsored by Simon Keane

Debbie Davis studied the flute at the Royal College of Music at both the Junior and Senior Departments with Graham

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Alun Darbyshire, Principal Oboe

The position of Principal Oboe is sponsored by Dagmar Bird

Alun studied at the Royal College of Music with Michael Winfield and in Freiburg, Germany with Heinz Holliger and now

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Clare Hoskins, Principal Cor-Anglais

The position of Principal Cor-Anglais is available for sponsorship

Clare was born and brought up in Kent, where her orchestral skills and insatiable love of music were nurtured in

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Fiona Cross, Joint Principal Clarinet

The position of Principal Clarinet is sponsored by Jackie Lythell, OBE and Peter Lythell

Fiona Cross is one of the leading clarinettists of her generation. She has a varied career, combining chamber music with

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John Payne, Joint Principal Clarinet

The position of Principal Clarinet is sponsored by Jackie Lythell, OBE and Peter Lythell

John is one of the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra’s two principal clarinets and has been playing regularly in the orchestra since

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Wendy Phillips, Joint Principal Bassoon

The position of Principal Bassoon is sponsored by Jackie Lythell, OBE, & Peter Lythell and Auriol Chisholm & Nicolas Chisholm, MBE

Wendy Phillips studied at The Guildhall School of Music with Roger Birnstingl, then principal bassoon player of the London Symphony

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Jonathan Price, Joint Principal Bassoon

The position of Principal Bassoon is sponsored by Auriol Chisholm and Nicolas Chisholm MBE

Jonathan Price graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1996, and has since established a successful and

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John James, Principal Horn

The position of Principal Horn is sponsored by Ulla Dunlop

John James was born in Shrewsbury and started his musical career at the age of six, learning the piano and

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John Ellwood, Principal Trumpet

The position of Principal Trumpet is sponsored by Professor Gavin Henderson, CBE

John Ellwood was born in Skipton, Yorkshire, and studied at the Birmingham Conservatoire. After graduating from the Conservatoire,

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Lindsay Shilling, Principal Trombone

The position of Principal Trombone is sponsored by Caroline House

Lindsay began playing the trombone at the age of eleven in the Chatteris Town Band in Cambridgeshire which was then

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Ian Fasham, Principal Bass Trombone

The position of Principal Bass Trombone is sponsored by Mick & Sue Paskins

Ian started off his musical life as a tenor trombone player at the age of 11. From the start he

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John Elliott, Principal Tuba

The position of Principal Tuba is sponsored by Janet Foster

Since becoming freelance in 1970 John has worked with most of the British symphony orchestras and several orchestras overseas, including

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Graham Reader, Principal Timpani

The position of Principal Timpani is sponsored by Mid Sussex GDPR Ltd

Graham has been Principal Timpanist with the orchestra for around 12 years.  Other orchestral experience includes RPO, Orchestra of the

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Donna-Maria Landowski, Principal Percussionist

The position of Principal Percussionist is sponsored by The Barkshire Charitable Trust

Donna-Maria graduated from the Royal College of Music with the prestigious British Reserve Percussion Prize.  Her percussion playing has taken

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