Reviews of Sun 5 February concert

Here are some of the reviews of our latest concert at Brighton Dome:


Chris Francis reviewed for The Argus saying: “Carroll gave a consummate performance of Haydn’s truly majestic Cello Concerto No 1 and sandwiched in between Mozart’s Symphony No 29 and Mendelssohn’s Symphony No 4 ( the Italian) it made for a truly wonderful afternoon’s entertainment.”


Joe Fuller of The Latest wrote that “Mozart and Haydn can sometimes sound a little staid in the concert hall, but this performance brought real blood, vigour and freshness to the pieces.”  Of the conductor/soloist he said: “Thomas Carroll’s cello work was superb, with a fun sense of fidgety excitability about him.”

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Susan Elkin writing for Lark Reviews said of our guest conductor and soloist: “multi-talented Carroll conducting from his cello appeared to smile from the sheer joy of the music almost continually. He achieved a fine rapport with the orchestra and his cello sound was lushly mellow especially in the beautiful Adagio and the well controlled Allegro Molto finale.”

She felt that Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony was “a happy ending to a sunny concert”  and that “Almost all the playing in this very pleasant concert was sensitive and well balanced.”

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