Reviews of Sun 15 January concert

We have been inundated with praise for Sunday’s concert and for our talented guest soloist and conductor from Friends of the Phil, audience members and musicians of the orchestra.

Leader of the Brighton Phil John Bradbury was extremely impressed with young guest conductor Ben Gernon saying: “This was an inspiring and naturally charismatic conductor at one with the music, the orchestra and the audience. I have not had the pleasure of such an experience in a very long time.”

Peter Back who interviewed both Ben & Joseph Moog before the performance said: “I have to say that the interview with those two bright young men was one of the most enjoyable I’ve done.  Both were very open, revealing and funny which I’m sure the audience much appreciated.”

Susan Elkin, writing for Lark Reviews, said: “despite the chilly wet January weather outside there was a very upbeat sense of ‘Now sits expectation in the air’. The concert which followed met that expectation with aplomb.” The concert opened with “the Overture to the Barber of Seville played with lush full tone and plenty of breathless excitement”, followed by Joseph Moog “an engaging player to watch ” performing Grieg’s Piano Concerto.

“The performance really came into its own during the adagio in which the orchestra achieved a gloriously sweet, immaculately fluid sound, before the magical moment when the piano creeps in. It was played with the sort of imaginative restraint that even some of the world’s top orchestras fail to bring off. Moog and Ben Gernon interpreted the movement as much more of a musical dialogue than as a showpiece for accompanied piano. There was thoughtful, wistful work in the allegro too before the dive into the showy, virtuosic conclusion.”

Declaring from the outset that Dvorak’s Symphony No.8 is possibly her favourite symphony, Susan writes “Ben Gernon, baton-less and quietly charismatic, was on top of the symphony’s every mood. He found the work’s warmth, passion, fun and made it satisfyingly coherent.”

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With a review entitled “Young Musicians delight Dome faithful with Brighton Philharmonic” Chris Francis writing for the Brighton & Hove Independent/Mid Sussex Times/Sussex Express wrote: “Conductor Ben Gernon and pianist Joseph Moog are still in their twenties but greatly impressed audience and fellow musicians alike with the mastery of their respective arts.” Chris felt “it was Grieg’s masterpiece concerto that probably provided the biggest draw for the audience and the young pianist did not disappoint. He further delighted the Dome faithful with a Rachmaninov encore.”

Of guest conductor Ben Gernon, he said “Gernon proved a wonderful guide for the BPO and there was a mutual admiration that helped produce a memorable show.”

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Joe Fuller of The Latest declared: “The BPO Sunday afternoon concert was a brilliant programme that showcased all of their strengths.”

He described the Rossini as “bright, bold and voluminous, with some vociferous cello playing the highlight” whilst “Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A Minor was even more engrossing, Joseph Moog joyously pounding the piano for both dramatic and melodic effect in the first movement while being more spacious and evocative in the second. Fulsome brass in the final movement rounded off a splendid rendition.”

Finally he described the Dvorak Symphony No.8 was “a strong finale to a fantastic performance.”

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2 Comments on “Reviews of Sun 15 January concert”

  1. With Ben Gernon as resident chief conductor the BPI could easily become one of the finest orchestras in the UK AND THE players obviously loved him as much as the audience did. If only………. Finest performance I have ever heard of the Greig.

    1. Thank you for your comment – as you could tell the orchestra really enjoyed playing with Ben. He is a rising star. Did you hear he’s just been appointed as Principal Guest Conductor to the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra?

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