Philharmonia – a poem by Leonard Goldman dedicated to Barry Wordsworth and the Brighton Phil



Barry Wordsworth was deeply touched to receive the following poem from centenarian Leonard Goldman who says:

“As an almost lifelong supporter of the Brighton Phil, I penned this little ode, which I thought might be of interest.”




The music swells and saturates the senses,

Invading all one’s spiritual defences.

Our wandering souls are active, can’t keep still,

As we’re all the captives of the wondrous Brighton Phil.


Yes, music is the heavenly food of love.

The Bard has told us so and we can surely prove

That there’s wisdom in that memorable quotation;

Because harmonious sounds arouse such deep sensation.


Play on, musicians, help us keep our sanity,

Your skills the very essence of humanity.

When suffering souls are deep in mournful gloom,

You can sow the seeds that make the flowers bloom.


In addition to a book of poetry Leonard has published his autobiography in three volumes: Oh What a Lovely Shore: Brighton in the Twenties Through the Eyes of a Schoolboy, Brighton Beach to Bengal Bay: The Adventures of a Young Man in Thirties London and Wartime India, and Back to Brighton: Return to That Lovely Shore.

Barry is looking forward to meeting Leonard (who celebrated his 100th birthday last August) and his wife Rita after the concert on Sunday 26 March.

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